Monday, December 05, 2016

The Struggle is REAL

Ride with me on this one folks:

Found this cute shirt at Goodwill and thought I would make a minidress of it!

I was planning to add this black lace to the bottom hem

It needed some resizing, so I cut off the sleeves

I cut down the shoulders so the seam would actually fit me

Taken in at the sides

...Annnddd then I went to fix and re-add the sleeves. I did that, and decided I really hated this project. Seriously, I've been working on it (read: stalling) for weeks and I just wasn't interested and didn't like it. So I thought I'd make a miniskirt of it.

But then I realized I hated that idea too. So here is the 'after'. :(

I tried to redeem today by working on a pair of pants I got; I was going to add a new waistband. But the beltloops would NOT come off so I ended up with a bunch of tiny holes.

AGH! What do you guys do when you hate your projects? Do you persevere? Do something else? Is there anything you like to "cool down" with, to help ease the annoyance?

Sometimes it gets real and not in a good way! All my techniques were on point but the love just wasn't there.

I'll have a redemption project for you guys soon :)



whatthesew said...

Every refashion is different so there is never chance to perfect the process.Mistakes and blind alleys do happen to us all I am sure. You will get your mojo back soon I am sure x

I Can Work With That said...

I usually cant stand it I I dont finish a project. But they do get put on hold I dont like where they seem to be going. Not every project is a smashing success. 😃

Valerie said...

I am ALL about postponing my projects if I'm not feeling into them. I have approximately 16 going on at any given time, so it's easy to set one aside and come back to it when I'm feeling more inspired. I had a dress I finished this summer that took me a year and some change to get through...and it ended up being one of my favorites! Just hang in there, and eventually the right answer will come to you!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much ladies! I'm already feeling better about it today and ready (mentally) to move on to another project. But AGH the frustration right??

cfort82 said...

I have fallen out of love with plenty of my projects. It is disappointing but I try no to worry about it too much. Sometimes I am reinspired by them and sometime not.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab