Friday, December 23, 2016

#33 Back to School: Updated Black Cardigan for the Back to School Wardrobe

#33 for self-challenge: Back to Elementary School Wardrobe
I am shopping only the closet for this school year. This is the end of month five. I have not bought any clothing and only two fabrics needed for a re-fashion.
Every re-fashion is needed for the school wardrobe.

BEFORE: Black sweater from the closet.

PROBLEM: I have had this for years. Large gold trim dated it. I remember wearing it once with a gold turtleneck.

STEPS: Very carefully used a seam ripper to remove the hand stitched gold trim.

AFTER: The knitted in tassel design could not be removed, but does not overwhelm.
Sweater is more basic and versatile for back to school days. 

Basic and versatile for back to school days.

BEFORE: Too much gold trim

BEFORE: Gold trim- too much


Chickie Walsh said...

That gold cord really commanded attention didn't it. You calmed it down nicely.

jennifer elliott said...

I agree with Chickie -- taking off the gold cord turned it something more subtle. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Lovenicky said...

It's amazing how different this looks just by taking out the gold trim. Bravo!