Monday, January 23, 2017

Bathing Suit Redo!

Hello all!  I'm sorry it's been a while! Hope everyone's creative juices are flowing and that you have had a good new year so far. For this refashion I knew as soon as I bought it that it was going to need some help. I bought this bathing suit new on an app where you can get very cheap things but sometimes the quality is questionable. However for $6 I knew I could figure out some way to fix it!
It fit fine, however there was no padding, support or elastic to hold up the top! There was no way I could wear it without doing something. Then I had an idea! I dug through my bag of clothes that I was waiting to donate. And I found an old bra that didn't fit me very well anymore but would be perfect to add into this bathing suit to give it the support that it needed.  I stitched it into the bathing suit so that it would be a permanent solution. 
After fixing the support issue I realized that the ears of the bathing suit wouldn't stay up. Luckily I saved some shoulder pads from previous refashions. I cut up portions of shoulder pads that I handstitched into the ears to make them more stiff. 
That was the last issue to be fixed so this suit was ready for a day out on the water! My husband, myself and a couple friends spend the day wake boarding and tubing on the ocean. 
Until next time, thanks for looking and if you want to see more step by step As well as more refashions head on over to my blog Here.


Samwise W. said...

Cute suit! I'm not into swimsuits without padding either, so great save :)

Saga said...

Sooo pretty. Clever refashion and ingenious solution with the ears.

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