Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Black and White

I love black and white stripes, prints, geometric shapes, etc!  I always seem to be drawn to them when I visit the thrift shops.  Check out these fun retro black and white numbers from the 60's.  I love them!

Editor: Collage removed.

Well, the other day at the thrift shop, I noticed a 2XL dress that was really speaking to me.  It was saying, "Come on, for only $2.50 you can pick me up and make a retro-inspired mod dress!"  I couldn't ignore the voice, so I purchased it!

I loved the black and white striped pattern.  I didn't love, however, the fit, the bulky gathered skirt, and the uneven sewing on the waistband.  I put my 60's playlist on and dedicated the evening to sewing.  After a fair amount of tweaking, I was happy with the results.

For more pics and a tutorial of the steps I took to complete this dress, you can visit my blog, Second Chances by Susan!  Thanks!


Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

Omg I LOVE it!

Chickie Walsh said...

It's great, mod but not a costume. Very wearable and pretty.

Saga said...

I love the modding of the dress. And very flattering on you.

I have removed the collage, since it was not you own photos.

Stine - EOD