Friday, January 06, 2017

Button Harvest

Lately I have been haunting the thrift store as if it were a button shop.  Because have you checked out the price of buying new buttons lately?  Wow-za!!!
Here's an example of a button gold mine:
Off of this (not so) beautiful denim shirt (with mysterious stinky stains under the arms) I harvested buttons:
23 buttons to be exact.  Because I paid $2 for the shirt, that comes out to a whopping 9 cents per button.  Yes, please!!!  And with quite a few of them I made this for my son:
Knight Hoodies: you can read all about them here over at Skirt Fixation.  
See you next time...and happy button harvesting!


Heidi said...

Nice job! The hoodie has some unusual design on the hood; it looks cool. The way the neck piece comes up over the mouth reminds me of going into battle. The button placement adds to the hoodie. Great job!

Marisa Glied said...

I have totally bought something just for the buttons! It's an inexpensive way to get buttons! Buttons at the store can get expensive depending on how many you might need for a project.


Chickie Walsh said...

I love this post, great idea to get buttons. They are so pricey. The fact that you made knight helmets for your kids makes it even better.

jennifer elliott said...

I can't believe how expensive some buttons are. Thanks for the advice.

Jennifer EOD