Sunday, January 01, 2017

Last Refash of 2016!

Hi all!

Happy New Years Eve! Herein lies my last refashion of 2016. It turned out preetttyyy great:

I'm kind of addicted to pajama pants. My collection is getting a little out of control. But how could I say no to these...

*Sigh* I can't get this picture to rotate. But dogs in bowties and party hats! TOTALLY appropriate for NYE right? Problem: "Extra Small." Booty does not equal XS.

I unpicked the seams that were making the elastic casing; not all the way, just a bit on each side, and cut the elastic in half.

Then I cut the outside seam on each leg, leaving me with pants that were totally open on the sides

This black jersey skirt was hanging out in the stash, so I cut panels from it to add to each leg. I sewed them in and serged all the edges

Then I added a little extra elastic to each side. Yes I know the elastics aren't the same size. I am lazy. Then I folded all the edges of the casing over and sewed everything back down.

PLEASE ignore my goofy face, messy office, and husband's foot, and focus your attention on my fabulous 'new' tuxedo-stripe party-dog pajamas!

A happy, healthy 2017 to everyone!



Heidi said...

Totes adorbs!!👍👍🎉🎉

whatthesew said...

Love the alteration. If you can sew no fit = no problem.

jennifer elliott said...

I don't think you can have too many lounge pants, especially during the holiday break. Great refashion.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Samwise W. said...

Thanks ladies! I am loving them so much; literally wearing them as I type this. They turned out even better than I hoped!