Monday, January 23, 2017

Scrub Dress Refash

I picked up this white scrub dress because it was a total blank canvas! It was also in my size! Perfect! But what to do with it?! Should I dye it? Make it into a nurse's costume for next Halloween?!?
I decided to dye it!!! I went to my stash of Rit Dye and selected purple! A color I really like but don't wear enough of it.
I followed the directions on the box of dye. I let my dress soak in the dye bath for 30 minutes. After I checked on it I decided it needed to soak more. I left my dress in the dye bath 1 1/2 hours before turning on the wash cycle. This left the dress a rich purple color, which I was super happy with!
I wanted to add some details to the dress to break up the solid color. My idea was to add appliques made of black lace. I drew 2 hearts on the back of some heat n bond.
I took some lace that I had leftover and folded it once. I ironed the heat n bond onto the lace. I placed a sheet of wax paper down underneath the lace so the heat n bond wouldn't melt on my ironing board.
I cut out my heart design. Peeled off the white backing. Ironed it onto the back of my dress. I also did the same with a smaller heart and ironed that onto the small pocket in the front of my dress.
I used black fabric paint to finish off the appliques.
See the heart on the pocket?! I also added pyramid spikes into the collar and changed the white buttons to black ones!
I hemmed the dress by 2 inches to bring it up above the knee.
dscn1182The back!
Better than just a plain white dress!
Happy Refashioning!!!

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Samwise W. said...

SO stinkin adorable! I LOVE it! Black and purple is a great combo

Saga said...

That is so insanely cute. You have such fun ideas.

Stine - EOD

Accidental Seamstress said...

This is SO much fun, Marisa! Love it!