Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Testing out my Toaster

I joined the Project Sew My Style sew along. Each month, we will all sew the same pattern, and post pics on social media.
The first pattern is the Toaster Sweater #2 from Sew House Seven. I bought fabric for this, but wanted to make a quick toile to check the fit. So, I picked up a very large man's shirt at Goodwill ($3).

I knew I wouldn't be able to get long sleeves out of this shirt, but figured it would give me an idea of the body size anyway.
First issue was the button front. I couldn't cut around it, so switched it around to be on the back and just left one button on.

I was able to cut the back and front from the shirt pieces and made the sleeves as long as I could using the existing sleeve pieces.

The pattern is a pretty quick make. I think it's going to be more flattering in my softer black and white fabric, and with the long sleeves, but I'll wear this top - for an investment of $3, and a couple of hours, it will be a useful T-shirt alternative.
Full post here.


Chickie Walsh said...

Very nice, I love the pattern of the fabric.

Saga said...

I would have never thought that a plain shirt like that could become something that pretty. *running of to the local charity shop for polos*

Stine, EOD