Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Quick and the Refashioned

Hey guys!

Here are two easy 'refashions' I did this afternoon...They both took about 10 minutes!

I found a super cute blue and white top at Goodwill, but the sleeves were ruffled with elastic. I HATE elastic in my sleeves!

Luckily, it was stitched together into a strange sort of braid, so with a little picking, it was easy to remove, leaving me with flutter sleeves!

I also got a cute little patchwork sundress, but the neckline had these hideous, clumpy "flowers" on it.

But they were just secured with embroidery thread, so they were easy to remove!

Much simpler! The bottom has a stain that I will need to address with bleach, but that's a project for another day.

My main focus is on a larger project that, while it's not a wearable item, is turning out pretty well, so I'll be sure to show it off when it's done!



RanchHouse said...

Love when a simple fix moves an item into the rotation. Inspires a look into the stash.

jennifer elliott said...

I'm not a big fan of elastic in the sleeves either. Nice fixes.

Jennifer EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Very simple but clever too. Great job with both.

Samwise W. said...

Thanks ladies! I love the no-sew, minimal effort refashions! :D