Tuesday, February 14, 2017


One more Valentine's Day refashion for me, and then I'm done, I promise!

This one started out with a seriously damaged T-shirt (you can see two of the small holes smack dab in the middle of the front, and there were a series of blue ink spots all over the back) and a cute but somewhat aged and not-very-practical long-sleeved crop top.

I combined the two of them into a dip-dyed, long-sleeved T-shirt festooned with appliquéd hearts!

There are enough flaws in this new shirt that I still can't wear it out in public (for example, I traded a hole for a large glue stain, and traded ink spots for dye smudges), but it was still a fun project, and I needed a new shirt to sleep in (my bed doesn't mind if my shirt has stains!)


The appliqués are fake--I had so much trouble sewing an appliqué the last time I made one, this time I just stitched around them for decoration (using printer paper to stabilize them while I worked), and then used permanent fabric glue to attach them to the shirt!


Here's the shirt before I washed it (too soon—I failed to remember the instructions on the bottle of glue) and lost two of the hearts in the laundry machine.

 Here it is after it was done!

Read the full post over on my blog (more details about the dyeing, the appliquéing, and my pajama-shopping habits!)

Lots of love,
The Unfashionista


primcreek said...

This is so cute!!!!

Catherine1216 said...

This is really cool.

jennifer elliott said...

I can never tire of any project with hearts! Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD