Monday, February 27, 2017

Saunio Cardigan

The February pattern for sewmystyle is the Saunio Cardigan from Named Clothing. I decided to make this a combo Sew-from-Scratch/Refashion-Project.
I found this cosy ribbed knit in my out of control toppling mountain of fabric stash. I only had enough of this rib for the back and front pieces, which is where the refashion part of the project comes in.

I had picked up this big sweatshirt at Goodwill a couple of months ago - I liked the frayed hems, and I know I'll always use T-shirts or sweatshirts for something because they're somewhat forgiving on size and quick to sew.

I wanted to cut off and open up the shirt sleeves and keep the original frayed hem cuffs.
Uh-oh ....PROBLEM: the sweatshirt armholes aren't as deep as on the Saunio pattern. Therefore the sweatshirt sleeve isn't wide enough.
Oh well....SOLUTION: I figure nobody's going to be doing underarm inspections on me (that would just be weird??), so I pieced the sleeves together, overlocking scraps of fabric on either side.
I just managed to get the facings out of the body of the shirt.

The whole cardigan is a quick sew - it took longer with the swearing (a frequent part of my sewing projects), the sweatshirt deconstruction and fudging the pattern layout.

It also looks good in a variety of fabrics (see #sauniocardigan on Instagram). Full post here.


RanchHouse said...

How creative. Please share about the sew along. Sounds fun.

fabrichoarder said...

Thank you RanchHouse, I linked to the sew-a-long on my blog post - it's 1 garment per month for 2017

Chickie Walsh said...

So cool looking. Love it.

cfortin said...

Very creative refashion. Good luck with your out of control mountain of fabric. I think that is why most of us are here. :-)

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab