Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Sunflower, Elephants, and Mistakes

My mother-in-law sent this dress that she found at her local thrift store. 

I loved the vibrant pattern of the fabric.  I wasn't so keen on the shoulder pads and extra wrap around skirt.  This had easy, wearable refashion written all over it!

I figured all I would need to do is take out the shoulder pads, remove the wrap, take in the sides to hide the seam from the wrap, and hem it at the line right below the elephants.  Boom!  Done!  Brand new, cute dress for Erinn.
Except it's Erinn.
And when Erinn thinks its an easy project she breezes through hastily and makes really stupid, unnecessary mistakes that end up turning a really simple project into a huge pain in the ass.
Erinn knows this.
Erinn tells her this every time!
Erinn still doesn't listen.  
Erinn doesn't slow down.
Erinn made a mistake.
Erinn cut across the little line to raise the hem and somehow caught some of the fabric on the other side of the dress.  It cut much higher than the line below the elephant. 
Erinn is not a quitter, though!
As you can see I did complete the dress.
There were a series of mishaps I don't care to relive.
I added a band that I patched together out of the wrap and bottom piece of the skirt.
I sewed it on.
It was too long, so I hemmed it at the seam where I joined the fabrics.
It looked great until I lifted up my arms.
Too short.  AGAIN.
I put on leggings.
I win!  Its done.  
And I actually think I like it and will wear it...

P.S.  I literally just made the same hasty mistake with my next refashion.  This time it was a bodice and a serger blade.  Ugh.  Will she ever learn??


Chickie Walsh said...

Hahaha Erinn, I feel your pain. I do things like that a lot too.
It came out so cute though.

jennifer elliott said...

I thought I was the only who rushed through things and thought everything would still work out OK. Good save.

Jennifer, EOD

Samwise W. said...

I do the same stuff ALL. THE. TIME. Cute dress though!!

Jean said...

Hey, if you can learn from your mistakes... that's what it's all about!