Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Sweater That Went Wrong

Hello Refashion Co-op. I thought I could put this fun blouse together with this simple sweater. I thought it would be fairly simple project. It was a mess.

It started out well. I basted the collar onto the sweater and then went over it with my machine so it would be really secure. I love the fluffy collar. I am glad I didn't mess it up.

The problem came when I attached the shirt to the bottom of the sweater. I had it all pinned together, I thought that would keep the sweater from stretching as I sewed. It stretched and turned into a tutu of some kind. It looked awful and awkward. It was like a huge ruffle over my backside. That wasn't a good look for me.

I got mad and I cut the whole thing off. (Temper, temper.) It was time for a new plan. 

I added this trim to cover the rough cut I made and add a bit of length. 

The new trim is much better. It lays (almost) flat and I can wear this sweater in public with out a huge awkward ruffle on my backside.

Thanks for reading, for more details and pictures of this disaster go to I Can Work With That


jennifer elliott said...

Nice save. I become frustrated too when my original vision doesn't turn out quite like I wanted.

Jennifer, EOD

sim said...

Sewing tip: if you are sewing across a knit or on a fabric which looks like it's going to stretch like crazy then hold one finger behind the presser foot so that the fabric bunches up behind it. Release every time it gets too much to handle. Love your work!

Chickie Walsh said...

That is a great tip Jacqui. Thanks so much. I will try that next time. 😃