Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#52 Back to School Wardrobe: Lilac Sheath Dress to Spring Jacket Set

REFLECTIONS: This is #5 of 10 for my Spring Break goal.
  • This Lovely Lilac Sheath Dress was a near wadder,, but in my no shopping year, every Re-fashion counts.
BEFORE: Lovely Lilac Sheath Dress and Jacket Set
  • Self-made In the Re-fashion Stash.  
  • Serger was broken and pinked seams did not hold up well
  • It was poorly made,  too much Lilac, and cheap fabric.
  • But, I did a great job on the hand-covered buttons / buttonholes.
  • Dismantle / serge the dress. Serge open parts of the shirt.
  • Shorten jacket by 1 ½”.  Shorten dress to match jacket length.
  • Insert 3” side panels to make the top fuller like a tunic.
  • Replace poorly sewn original neck trim.
AFTER: Lilac shirt set for Transition during Spring Weather.  With black pants, it should make a set for the School Days Wardrobe. Not as bad as I thought when I started. 

AFTER: Spring Shirt Set 
for the School Days Wardrobe


Kept covered buttons

DURING: Opened / Serged seams
BEFORE: Self-made
Sheath Jacket Set

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Refashion said...

Good idea to turn it into a twinset.

/Stine EOD