Saturday, March 25, 2017

A bit more on my jeans refashion

A couple people asked about the jeans refashion I posted.
First, I cut the jeans down the side seams, and cropped them in length (orange lines).
Then I pinned the fronts together and cut a random shape off (green line).
I used that cut off piece as a template for my contrast denim (grey shape), adding a couple of inches along the straight side to upsize the jeans. I also added a couple inches on the top edge to fold over at the waist.
When I stitched the contrast pieces on, I completely messed up at hip level.
After a bit of swearing and a coffee, I chopped off the narrow straight bit from hip to waist, and stitched on separate pieces. I was on the verge of giving up as I now had two sloppy looking joins, so I used the cut off pieces from the leg length to fudge together a couple of half pockets to disguise the mess. I topstitched a lot (not perfectly, sadly).

Hope that makes it a little clearer. Thank you for the kind comments, my fellow refashioners - you all inspire me!


RanchHouse said...

Thank you so much for this second post!!! I have not even started reading it, but love this spirit of sharing. On my way to read the post now....

macship said...

So the totally awesome half pocket was to cover a mistake? Genius! So creative.

whatthesew said...

This looks like one of the Frankenstein pairs of jeans all over the shops atm but better with the different fabric.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the extra info. There are no perfect seams. Don't let the idea of perfect mess with your awesome, new, one of a kind, jeans.
Chickie EOD