Monday, March 13, 2017

A Nautical Tunic

Finally, a break in the rainy weather!  This simple tunic has been done for awhile, but the weather hasn't exactly been picture-taking weather.

This tunic started as an oversized t-shirt with white banding around the hemline.

I just simply made a cut a few inches above the hemline.

After taking in the sides a bit, I added a wide band of white t-shirt knit.  By placing the added band above the hemline, it gives the impression that it was always meant to be there and not just added on for length.

The final step was to raise the "too low" neckline by removing the existing white trim and adding a new piece of white knit fabric in its place.

Super simple, and super comfortable!

If you would like to see more tunics, you can visit my blog, Second Chances by Susan.  Thanks!


Therese said...

Looks lovely, great idea!

cfortin said...

That is one of the best shirt lengthening refashions I have seen. Great job!

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab

RanchHouse said...

Both additions were subtle but with overall big impact. I knew the after looked sharp, but had to look twice to see why.

Melissa Lin said...

What a classic and cute look. Nice save.