Friday, March 24, 2017

Forcing my sewing and refashion mood back

Hey everyone. So sorry, it's been a while since my last post.

My sewing  mojo has been low for way too long, and all through this time I've been wanting to do things, but my body would just not respond to my wishes. Pdf pattern tests are my way to get me doing something. Having a deadline to complete a piece makes me actually start and finish something. That was the reason I've recently tested the Arthur Chinos pattern for Suco by Susana. 

Of course, when I have anything to sew, my first source for fabric is my to be refashion pile of clothes. So far I am getting away with it, since my youngest is still two years old and I can fit shorts and pants pattern pieces into adult sized (larger sizes only) ones. That said, that's just what I did for his newest Chino shorts, with summer in mind already. This is a first test for the pattern, which has been recently released, and even though it was the first test, it was already perfect. I am in love with them. I used  a man's pair of pants (pictured above) for ths refashion. I made size 3, which is the smallest one in the pattern, he's still wearing 18M-24M when it comes to bottoms, but I guess he'll grow a little until it's good weather for them.

If you want to read more about this refashion, come by House of Estrela for a visit.  


Saga said...

Oh, they are so cute.
I was recently also stuck for creativity for several months. It does help to force yourself to do just a little, to get going again by doing something, anything.

/Stine - EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

I love the idea of kids clothes, I have not done much of that. These look great and using the wais and zipper would make it faster than sewing from scratch. Great inspiration, thanks.

Joke Vermanen said...

I've done a same sort of refashion.
Don't they just look like big boys in those chinos!

MSPE said...

Thank you Saga. It really help, I've been so much active again lately.

Chickie - I refashion most of the clothes I do for my kids. When you sew for kids you sew a lot cuz they easily grow out of theirs, and using this already-made features helps so much!!!

Joke - I always refashion jeans into kids jeans for my own. And yes!!!! They look adorable in this chinos!