Sunday, March 19, 2017

Forever in blue-green

Sometimes, it takes me awhile to come up with a cool title for my posts. So when I finally thought of this one I typed it in and realized that without little music notes around's not cute. You see, it's like that cheesy (but appreciated for kitsch value) Neil Diamond song, "Forever in Blue Jeans." Except, I used my favorite color. Get it? (crickets chirp.)
I'll just start with this:
What even is this? A fancy house dress or some big, comfy evening wear? As usual, I took the easy way out of dealing with oversized '80s shoulders; I cut the sleeves off.
Looking for another shortcut, I got an idea to turn it backwards and make it wrap-like. Cut to the chase:
I basically put one side over the other and secured it with a belt. I think if I replace those patent leather shoes with boots, it could be worn like a regular outfit.
I liked that "after" pic so much, I used it as part of my updated title header. Here's the post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die.
Also, here's last month's Valentine's Day dress. Wasn't very exciting, but kinda cute. More blog.


RanchHouse said...

It well may have been a 70-80s house robe. In the US we had years as a country when we were encouraged to lower winter thermostats. I was always so happy to have a nice one to wear at home or when visiting family. They were always sure birthday and Holiday gifts. This blue is especially pretty with your coloring.

I Can Work With That said...

I agree with RanchHouse, I think it was a fancy housecoat. It looks so cool and modern in it's new form. The color is gorgeous and it fits great. The Valentine dress is great shorter too. Great job on both.
Chickie EOD

I Can Work With That said...

And I like the pun in the title too. That is one of my favorite things, when I can think of a pun for my title.

Heidi said...

Nice job. I like the color of the dres!!