Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quick runs

Because my sewing life has been in a bit of a slump, I decided it was time to get some quick runs on the board with simple projects (not sure what the sport metaphor is about, I am soooo not sporty).

Apart from some mending jobs I won't bore you with (but which made me feel virtuous and reduced the piles around the house), I adjusted these jean-style cotton trousers to fit:


Looks like a mistake right?  Not at all - I have a sway back and I don't like the gaping I get when I sit down or ride a bike or similar.  The elastic gathers the excess in against my back and  the waistband smooths out when I wear the trousers - I never tuck in tops anyway but, even so, they don't look weird on.  It's quick and it's easy and it works.   I use safety pins to get the fit approximately right, then take a few more cm off the elastic each side as it tends to fit looser than I wanted when sewn.  This doesn't work with jeans though, the denim is usually too heavy for the elastic.

Then the hems - I'm tall and trousers are never long enough so I always check the amount of fabric left in the hem and the wear on the bottom edge.  These aren't too bad, a few more sprays with vinegar before washing and the previous hem marks will fade out - not that anyone but me probably notices even now.  I use grosgrain ribbon in the very edge (1cm or less) and turn under and blind hem by hand.  Usually more skilfully than I have here.  But I was in a hurry, and it doesn't show on the outside, so I'll live with it.

 This shirt "fix" was even easier:


I tried the shirt with the sleeve scrunched, rolled and left hanging and it just looked better left alone - so, sleeve tabs be gone!

Back in my sewing groove again.  Happy refashioning until next time!



RanchHouse said...

Quick simple fixes that get items back into rotation are as important to me as the total refashions. Thanks for sharing.

cfortin said...

Sometimes the little "boring" jobs are the most important ones to get done. (I think I said that mostly for me :-) Nice work!

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab