Thursday, March 09, 2017

Refashioned Boho Chopper Mittens

Upgrade a plain pair of mittens into chic boho fashion by adding fabric scraps and trim.

I took apart these men's oversized leather choppers, added fabric scraps and trim to the tops, and sewed back together into women's size. See more pictures and details here.

With a second pair, I added pleather hearts and red striped hearts.

The result is oh-so-boho and girly! I get a ton of compliments and "where'd you get those mittens?" reactions. "I refashioned them!"

As seen with my Men's Flannel Shirt to Reversible Vest refashion.


Chickie Walsh said...

These are so cute. I saw them on my phone and came to my laptop so I could see the details better. I like both versions.

Saga said...

Why have I never thought of embellishing some of all those boring mittens/gloves, that I have?? Good idea, and lovely execution.

/Stine - EOD

Samwise W. said...

These are so neat and adorable!