Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharing the same jeans (genes)

Youngest son cleared out his closet before leaving for college, and put a lightly worn pair of jeans in the thrift store pile.

I like dark denim and need some more pants (I prefer skirts, but need pants for walking to work).
Youngest son and I may share the same genes, but I could not wear his jeans without some major "up-sizing"!
I just decided to chop away/add in some contrast fabric/do a lot of pinning and trying on and cross my other words, wing it. I used a really muted tartan from Cali Fabrics.

I ended up doing a bit of patching together, due to my complete lack of planning, so had to add some pockets to cover unwanted seams. Luckily, I had cut quite a bit off the leg length, so had some scraps to work with.

Well, now I can get them on, and do up the buttons (grrr...darn button fly, prefer zips).
Not bad for a Sunday afternoon's work and a little fabric from the stash - thanks, son!


Queen Of Rods said...

Those pants turned out so well! What was your process? How did you decide what to remove and what to replace it with? I also have hand-me-down jeans from my son, but they haven't turned out as well as yours :)

Saga said...

I have thought to do something like this, but always thought that the jeans or trousers would look to obvoiusly enlargened. Yours doesn't at all, in fact they look like something right out of a fashion show. Great job.

/Stine - EOD

StarryA said...

Really nice work - would never know they hadn't cost the earth!

RanchHouse said...

Looks like you have a hit!!! Can you do another post and share more pics and info. Maybe some pics in sunlight so we can see detail? Thanks for sharing.