Friday, March 10, 2017

Simple skirt refashion

I made a challenge for myself to make (at least) one refashion a week this year. Then I got a new job. But a few weeks into it, I am ready to continue my challenge.

A nice skirt that was too big and too long.
The skirt had a side zipper. Those skirts I usually take in at the opposite side. Some skirts will be slightly askew as a result, but for most skirts, it is a simple and fast solution to taking a skirt in.
I also shortened the skirt. The white/black edge was in two layers. I cut off 1 cm less than the intended length of the skirt. I then folded both layers of the edge 1 cm to the inside and made a narrow topstitching as the way to close the the edge.



RanchHouse said...

Love the one Re-fash a month. I over shot for 10 a month for this Back to School Year. Waaay to much while working. What was I thinking? The skirt is perfect especially with your new job.

Chickie Walsh said...

What a great skirt. I am so glad you were able to save most of the trim. I usually alter skirts the same way, it always looks good when worn.
Congratulations on the new job.

Catherine1216 said...

It actually looks better with the more narrow trim - great refashion.

Saga said...

Thank you all.
Ranchhouse - it is one per week. Some weeks I do three refashions, some I struggle to find time (and energy) for one.
Chickie - good to hear I am not the only taking skirts in that way, that would make a tailor cringe.
Catherine1216 - I think so too. The wide trim was too 00's.

RanchHouse said...

Right! One per week! Time and energy with a new job can be a challenge.

Chickie Walsh said...

Haha Saga, my mother in law was a seamstress for 20+ years. I drive her crazy but she always helps me with the big formal projects.

Chickie Walsh said...

Chickie EOD