Friday, March 31, 2017

skirt πŸ‘‰ to lace up top refashion

Have you seen Hanna's ( from Pretty little liar ) lace up top ? Pretty , don't you think  πŸ˜ƒ.
I must admit that almost all my creations lately were connected with lace ups. 
It's because lace ups are very feminine πŸ‘― and  now really fashionable. I hope you will like this top as well esspecialy it's super easy to sew.  

Skirt Before refashion and ironing:
as you can see on photos πŸ“· skirt is super big πŸ”› but I really like these warm colors  
and good quality fabric 

 during work πŸ‘Š

here you can see how it looks on me, it was freezing  outside 
so I had to worn sweater πŸ’‹

Skirt before and cami top after πŸ‘―


I Can Work With That said...

That looks great. I like the fabric as a top so much more than as a skirt. Great job.
Chickie EOD

Catherine1216 said...

Much better. So cute on you.

Anielskaaniela said...

thank you <33333