Friday, March 17, 2017

St Patrick's Day Tunic

This linen blend tunic, which I picked up at a clothes swap last year, was perfect for St Patrick's Day, even if it wasn't really perfect.

St Patrick's Day Tunic - Before

I chopped the extra length off the sleeves. Then I took in the sides and sleeves to fit better. And finally, I gave the sleeves a new hem that would mirror the binding around the neckline. That's it! Just a few tweaks and I've got a brand new top!

St Patrick's Day Tunic - AfterSt Patrick's Day Tunic - After
St Patrick's Day Tunic - After

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St Patrick's Day Tunic - Before & After


RanchHouse said...

Fun to see how the small changes make such a big change overall. Looks like a good shade of green to carry into spring.

Chickie Walsh said...

This is a great top, you look great in it. Nice job!
Chickie EOD

Amy Jo said...

What a perfectly imperfect garment to work with for St. Patrick's day!

Marisa Glied said...

Beautiful tunic! Love the color!