Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sweater Expansion

Hello Refashion Co-op. It is cold and still sweater weather where I live. I had this lovely but shrunken red cashmere sweater. It was a little small around the waist. It bunched up instead of skimming over my hips. It wasn't very comfortable like that. I decided to expand the waist a little.

I cut out two gray triangles (Or shark teeth, you decide.) from the sides of this gray silk blouse. It was a nice blouse but it was too small for me too.

Once I sewed the gray pieces in I had more room in the sweater. It has a sort of peplum shape now. 

Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.


RanchHouse said...

Cute great use for both pieces.

cfortin said...

Cute refashion. It looks sort of like it has a peplum bottom now.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks ladies, the new "peplum" shape is fun. And more roomy.