Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Brown Tuxedo Dress

Hello Refashion Co-op. I refashioned this brown dress recently. It is a great neutral color and it is a comfortable knit fabric.
It also had a huge, thick tuxedo ruffle on the chest. It just added bulk and wasn't attractive. The dangling sleeve ruffles were annoying too. 

I cut the tuxedo ruffle and the sleeve ruffles off. I connected the front of the dress to close it up. The whole dress had seams all around it so it was easy to make a new seam down the front. It looks like it was always there. I pinned the new neckline down and stitched it in place. I shortened the dress and hemmed all the other raw edges too.

It is a shorter in-and-out shaped dress now. It is easy to wear and the deep V-neck is much more flattering than that heavy tuxedo ruffle. 

Thanks for reading, for more details and pictures go to I Can Work With That.


Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

OMG So Cute!!!

Rhonda Buss said...

So cute! Looks nothing like the original.

Catherine1216 said...

From unwearable to really cute.

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks, the original felt like a carpet on my chest. I like the new version much better.

Saga said...

Much better, now it that can be left simple or styled decoratively. I always go for the simpler choise to allow me more creative freedom.

/Stine, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

That's what o was thinking Saga. Simple is better.