Thursday, April 27, 2017

In a black mood

My soon-to-be 6 year old girl, decided that just like mom, she's now into black. I confess that's what I wear the most and what I like the most, but I've always put all sorts of colors in her wardrobe (except for soft shades of pink, I would avoid it anytime I could!). Recently though, I sewed her a flowerish fabric with a black backdrop shorts, and we styled it with black tights, top and kimono as you can see here. She loved it so much, she started saying her favorite new color was black. Ok then.

So, while she is in the mood (one never knows how long they last), I sewed her another black garment. It wasn't really planned, I wanted to knock off a navy skirt with little white flowers, but all I had in my fabric or clothes-to-refashion pile, that looked a bit like that, was this dress my mom gave me, in black, of course!


Saga said...

It is cute, and how adorable that she wants to be like mommy.

/EOD - Stine

RanchHouse said...

Love that she paired it with the stripe. Glad she likes you to sew for her.

MSPE said...

Thank you Saga! She's too cute!

Thanks RanchHouse. This girl is getting so stylish!