Tuesday, April 18, 2017

men's shirt into 👉 a 90s dress 👗

I love  big mens shirts. They are perfect for almost all refashions. 
This 👇 ,way too big, silk shirt in very pretty warm gray color will be perfect as a dress in my opinion .

during work 👊

 here you can see ready silk dress inspired  90's on me
I love this silk dress ❗ silk  sumer = perfect combination💕

Men's Shirt Before Refashion 👉Dress After

                               Whole easy tutorial in english 😊 and much more photos here.👋
                                                              Love ,


Chickie Walsh said...

Great idea. It looks beautify.

RanchHouse said...

Great job with this conversion. Lovely.

Eimear Greaney said...


Pezalli Creations said...
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cfortin said...

Lovely transformation.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab

Anielska Aniela said...

thank you <33333333 !