Monday, April 03, 2017

Not Ready to Retire

I decided to organize my giant bags of potential refashion victims.
In BAG #1, I found a Python (I think) Print T-shirt with a loose fit - looked like it could be an everyday top.....but
....when I was a student, I loved wearing animal prints. Now, many years (and lbs on) I fear me, clad in printed animal skins, may give off more of a Golden Girls/Florida Retirement Home vibe!
Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained - it was a $3 Goodwill bargain.
I pinned the shirt together at shoulder seams, so CB and CF were on a fold, and cut a slightly deeper neck at the front, and a square one on the back.
I decided to add a contrast neckband, hoping it would look a bit more sporty. I used a striped scrap from the stash, and stitched on 2 straps in a V for extra detail.
Not bad, hopefully it will look OK with faded jeans, or denim skirts. More detail here.


Chickie Walsh said...

I really like the contrasting trim. It helps break up the animal print. You look great. I like the extra little straps you made too. Very cool.

karen vallerius said...

Great stash find, love your reworking of this top.

Marisa Glied said...

Very cute! Amazing save!


cfortin said...

The back is really fun.

Cindy EOD
Upcycle Design Lab