Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pants to winter hat/scarf

I took some warm fleece pajama pants and turned them into a hooded scarf.
The pants were huge on me, and I could have taken them in a few inches, but instead I decided to cut them up.

I traced the shape of a hood onto one of the legs, then used the remaining parts to make a long scarf.  It's one piece. 
It really looks like a hijab, which was not my intent.
I didn't expect it to be some tight around my head.
It is not as warm as I thought it would be.
It snowed last week and I didn't even think to wear it.
I pretty much hate it.....

What do you all do when you make something that you don't really like? Donate? Toss? Take a picture of it anyway and post about it here?  ;)

But guess what? I'm happy to be sewing again.  My sewing machine was out of commission for several months with a bobbin disease but it has been cured and is back home where it belongs.  This was the first refashion I've done in a while and it was fun!

P.S. I'm almost done with this crazy scrap map of the USA, which isn't a refashion, but did include some clothing scraps.
Have a great day!
Amy Jo @ The Little Moments


RanchHouse said...

Is there a trim you could add? Lace, ribbon. I've even seen Pom poms in several things.

Chickie Walsh said...

I like to see posts that don't turn out well. Thanks for posting this. I think we can all learn from each other and it is nice to know I am not the only one who messes up. I love the scrap map!

Samwise W. said...

Nice to know I am not alone in not loving all my refashions! LOL. It's always good to try though. Your scrap map looks AMAZING!

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