Friday, April 14, 2017

Shorter and Wider

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I pulled a really cute grey dress out of the refashioning bag - it was too tight around the bust area, and a little too short for me.
I liked the neckline shape, and the print combo, but this wasn't going to work without some changes.
First, I cut out the plain grey lining, and shortened it to be a top - that bit was easy.

Next, I needed to make it wide enough - not so easy......inspiring music, a strong coffee, and some thinking.

I decided to cut down the centre back, and use the grey lining fabric to make button and buttonhole bands adding an inch or so around the body. Well, that inch wasn't really enough, so what now?
GOT IT - grabbed a piece of black sweatshirt fabric from the stash, and added a panel down the back. I didn't bother with buttonholes, just stitched buttons through.
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Saga said...

Very pretty and a bit sassy. I havw a too small dress I have struggled to figure out how to enlarge. Thank you for the inspiration.

Chickie Walsh said...
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whatthesew said...

Very clever, looks like part of the design. excellent job.

RanchHouse said...

Love the button tab in the back. This really gives the top a sharp design feature. In the pic the buttons and circle feature in the fabric reflect each other.

Sandy said...

This is brilliant! Love the combo of the button panels and the black together. Works well for the grey top.
Sandy in the UK

Chickie Walsh said...

This top is so cute. The back pieces look so well done. Great job!
Chickie EOD

Catherine1216 said...

You are so clever. Love how this turned out.

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