Monday, April 03, 2017

Swayback Jean Fix

I have failed at refashioning a dress this month. So I have been working on alterations and hemming pants until my inspiration returns.I found these awesome jeans at a consignment shop that were the perfect color and just was I was looking for. And the price was right. I'm not sure if they are new or someone wore them with this tag. I'm not into that look so first thing I did was to remove it with a seam ripper. Who needs to know my size?! And I love Ann Taylor😍

They fit like a glove except for my swayback caused the waist in the rear to be loose.

If you google swayback pant alteration will bring up methods to sew this. It was pretty easy and took about an hour. 

                                                   Removing bottom of waist band

                                    Finished alteration in waist with dart below waist seam


Chickie Walsh said...

Great idea. I have had to take in the waist on pants for the same reason.

SJ Kurtz said...

I do this alteration on every pair of pants I wear; it's the other part of a full rear adjustment. Your back and your booty are just fine. RTW pants just don't accommodate the curves.
On the other end of the spectrum, my mother had no booty, and THAT alteration is impossible.

cfortin said...

Great save. Good luck with the dress.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab

vintagevogue said...

Yeah, I wouldn't call it a swayback. You just have a bigger hip to waist ratio than what the jeans are normally made for. And actually, a bigger ratio is more attractive than a smaller one (they have done studies that prove this.)