Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Costume Archives #2 - Hitch & Bustle Victoriana Tiered Skirts

Victoriana tiered skirty by karen vallerius

Stitching ruffled skirts

I have been stitching tiered ruffled skirts since back in the 70s (yes, I am that old!) and as part of my costume project, I made several Victorian inspired upcycled skirts.  Using one skirt as the "foundation" layer (the pink skirt above has a crinkle cotton underskirt in plum) I then stitched gathered layers onto that to create the tiered effect.

Stash buster extraordinaire

Victoriana tiered skirty by karen vallerius

Of course Victorian inspired clothing is a real stash buster because of the quantities of textile required.  In general, I upcycled at least 3 skirts into each ruffled creation.

Applique Flower Detail

Victoriana tiered skirty by karen vallerius

As these skirts were definitely costume pieces rather than every day wear, I allowed myself to get carried away with the details such as the applique flowers and the ribbon suspender hitch belt above which can be used to create a bustle or hitch effect.

Read more about the skirts and lots more photos, including my Lucy Locket pocket skirt, over on my blog at

Happy stitching everyone.
Karen x


Therese said...

Great idea and looks different! When do you wear something like that?

Chickie Walsh said...

These are amazing, so pretty. I can see how it would use a lot of fabric, but so worth it. Love it!
Chickie EOD

karen vallerius said...

Thanks for your comments. I know these aren't exactly everyday wear, but I wanted to experiment with some new techniques. I guess I would have worn them back in the 70s, but these were all destined for costume enthusiasts and not my own wardrobe. x