Saturday, April 08, 2017

Tropical summer

I wanted loose fitting garments for the really warm summers, we have been getting the last couple of years in my country. They don't seem to stop, so my wardrobe needs to reflect them.

I think the print on this shirt is awesome and it is on trend. But way too big and too loose fitting.

I detached the sleeves.
I narrowed the sides and arm openings (and then cut the arm openings to fit the new sleeve size).
I narrowed the sleeves and shortened them. And stitched them back on.
I shortened the hem.


Somewhat of a 90s vibe.
I have noticed this sleeve length in fashion recently. A 1/2 sleeve or elbow length would probably be the correct term. I am not convinced of this length, but now I will give it a go, and if I don't come to like it, I will just shorten the sleeves further.

(Again, sorry for blurry photos).


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Chickie Walsh said...

What a big improvement. The new fit really looks great and the fabric is perfect for summer.