Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trousers to Tote

I made this bag using trousers, a skirt, and some curtain fabric. 

Unsure what the actual definition of a tote bag was, I looked it up, It's 'a large open bag with 2 handles' apparently, so this bag definitely fits that description.

The pieces were all interfaced before sewing up, to keep the shape more rigid.

The lining used to be a skirt and was slippery and difficult to work with. The last time I used this former skirt fabric, it got the better of me, so this time I used hairspray during the cutting and sewing to keep it under my control.

This is going to be my new work bag.

There are more details and photos here


Chickie Walsh said...

That bag is amazing. It looks so good. And the hairspray is a genius idea. Awesome job!
Chickie EOD

Elisa Elisa said...

Très joli sac ! bravo à vous !

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

I LOVE the colors!