Friday, April 21, 2017

XXXL Black leggings to Black Knit Capris

#70 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS: Six weeks till end of the school year.
  • Lots of Field Days, Field Trips, and Day Camps
  • Need casual, cool capris, but not shorts.
BEFORE: Black knit leggings 3 XXXL. 
  • Lands End from the Re-fashion stash.
  • Wide elastic band looked easy to just pull and tighten.
  • BUT, the waistband elastic was so heavily blind stitched that it took two TV nights to pull out the stitching. . 
  • The elastic was stitched into the waistband seam so the whole band had to come off.
  • Seam rip a lot to get the waist band off. 
  • Then seam rip a lot more to get the elastic free.
  • Re-attach the waistband.
  • Insert a shorter and more narrow elastic due to the new more narrow waistband casing.
AFTER: Black knit Capris. Ready for end of school year fun.
AFTER: Capri size knit with a tighter waisband
Ready for end of school Field Days and Field Trips

BEFORE: 3 XXXL Knit Leggings
DURING: Waistband removed,
old black elastic,
new more narrow / shorter elastic


jenny_o said...

Seam ripping is my least favourite part of sewing! Great job and such a useful item to have in the closet.

Chickie Walsh said...

What a great idea! These look like excellent "play clothes" for field day with the kids. I remember field day. I hated it! I hope you have a wonderful time though.
Chickie EOD

RanchHouse said...

Thanks jenny_o and Chickie
For Field Day, I learned that we will have school t-shirts to wear. The grade levels (2 classes each) have a color. Teachers and staff wear red. My students will have a 3-day day camp away from the school. So these Capris and red teacher t-shirt should be good for those days also.