Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A new shirt for Sheila

I'd had these two Goodwill bargains hanging around for quite a while, and thought it might be fun to combine them.

I cut most of the blue sweatshirt off (another piece for the fabric stash), and cut the XXL men's shirt across at the armpits. I switched the shirt to button down the back. It was wide enough to make pleats - one inverted at CF, and one either side of the button band on the back.
I stitched the chopped off garments together, and overlocked the edges.
Well.....not the most imaginative of refashions, but it'll help to hide the belly until I wrangle my appetite under control!
Later that same week................
Hmm, had left Sheila standing quietly in the corner for a couple of days, wearing this and thought it looked quite cute. Then, I put it on and had my husband take photos  - it looked terrible!!

I will use the idea of the chopped off T with a shirt bottom, but I guess Sheila can have this one - not that she gets out much, usually just hangs around the house naked!
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Chickie Walsh said...

Sometimes things don't work, I love the fabrics together though.

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