Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Two For One!

The last refashion I completed in the tunic series left me with part of a skirt.  I could have just hemmed it and added it to my wardrobe, but quite honestly, I have too many skirts already.  I decided it would be better served as a simple peasant dress for one of my little granddaughters.  To recap, this was the before and after of the tunic:

And the following pictures are my best attempt at photographing a VERY busy toddler.  I think it was easier making the dress than taking the pictures!!

More pics can be seen by visiting my blog, Second Chances by Susan!

 photo signature.png


Chickie Walsh said...

That is so cute!!! Great use of fabric. What a cutie pie.

Amy Jo said...

Adorable! How about a photo of the two of you in your refashioned outfits! :)

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