Monday, May 22, 2017

Dress into swing skirt

I once sewed this dress in houndstooth patterned wool. And I liked it.

Then I got larger around the chest, and it hung in the closet for at few years. Then I refashioned it like this. And I liked that too.

But since I made it, we have had warmer winters, and even on the colder days, it was too warm to wear the dress.
So I decided to remake the dress into a skirt.
I simply cut off most of the bodice, leaving the bottom of the bodice at double the width of what I needed the waist band to be.
I doubled the the waistband over and stiched the edge to the inside of the skirt.
I am sure I will get a lot more wear out of it like this (when autumn comes).

By the way the pullover is also a refashion, or a slight remake really. One so small I didn't got around blogging about it. I fell in love with the cashmere fabric, but the decoration had loads of sequins and beads, and was so 00's. So I removed them to update the pullover.


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