Friday, May 12, 2017

Finally Fit Down-sized Jeans

#77 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS: In my retire/rehire teaching job, teachers wear jeans daily.

BEFORE: I don't wear skinny jeans, but these already resized jeans needed more down-sizing.
  • 1st Re-fashion was to run both side and inside seam. 
  • Stopped just below and did not ruin the pocket.
  • 2nd resizing: Took total of 1" off of each leg.
  • Ran a Serger seam 1/4" wide.  On both outside & inside seams.
  • Pink was already on the Serger, but used true color on straight seams.
  • Then straight stitched in blue just inside serger seam. 
  • Cut ½” off hem. Serged / hemmed.
AFTER:  Perfect fit jeans.
  •  Not tight fit, but perfect for this retired/rehired teacher.
  • Amazing what 1" total will do. 
  • Several tries was worth the work.
  • One large seam in the 1st resizing might have been too much and could not be put back.
  • Small gradual re-sizing finally worked.

AFTER: Finally fit jeans
Pink was on the serger.
Straight stitched in blue.

Had been resized earlier.
Now 1/4" seam on both inside/outside legs.
1" total was a big change 

New hem 

Stopped new seam just below the pocket.
Waist fit fine.

Inside seam refit seat 


Chickie Walsh said...

I find it works better if I take jeans in a little at a time too. Great job on the new seams. They look great!
Chickie EOD

Samwise W. said...

Handy! I'm fearful of refashioning pants but I will be brave one day and give it a try!