Thursday, May 18, 2017

This "Seams" Easy Enough!

...I can't stop the puns guys.

Woo! We have been getting ready for our move so sorry for the radio silence! But tonight I managed to squeeze in two easy quick fixes, and I'm really hoping I can get into a more involved project this weekend.

I apologize in advance for the messy desk and mediocre pictures!

I got this cute little semi-crop top from Forever 21. I LOVE lemons! Problem: there was a really tight piece of elastic at the waist (the folded up area in the bottom of the photo). I seam ripped it out and then just re-sewed the original hem closed again! Super simple and the top is way better now.

This tank was from a post I did on here a while ago; I had simply cut out the sleeves and called it done. The edge of the armhole was still serged so I was good to go. But over time, it had started to wear a little and was starting to look frizzy and unprofessional.

So I just took this serged seam, and folded it in to the wrong side of the top, and sewed it down! The armholes look much tidier and nicer now.

Easy peasy bacon cheesy! I hope I'll be seeing you guys this weekend with something a little more exciting :)



Chickie Walsh said...

Great fixes, the lemons are adorable!

Chickie Walsh said...

EOD Chickie