Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Shirt-Sleeve Short-Sleeve Refash

Hello all!

Woo! I am moving in 2 weeks and feeling the pressure! My sewing room is being packed up now, but I managed to knock out one more project before condemning my sewing machine to a moving box.

I previously refashioned this top by taking it in, removing the collar, and shortening the sleeves to elbow length. I wasn't really feeling the sleeves anymore, so I wanted to change them.

I chopped them into short sleeves, but because the fabric was so flowy I was having a hard time rolling a hem under

So I decided to use the edge of some somewhat canvas-like fabric as a "facing" of sorts? I'm sure this is not proper and seamstresses all over the world are screeching but it actually worked really well! I sewed the fabric to the raw edge...

Then rolled it under a couple times and sewed it down! 

Tada! This tunic now has short sleeves and I'm excited to start wearing it again! 

And there you have it.... The next project you see will be coming at ya from a new room in a new place!


1 comment:

Chickie Walsh said...

What a cute print. I like your idea for the sleeves. If it works it is proper enough. Great job.
Chickie EOD