Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Flounceless wrap dress

A wrap dress in a lovely heavy viscose (rayon)/cotton mix and with a nice pattern. I love wrap dresses for my figure.
However the dress had several issues:
- Flounces flounces flounces on ALL edges. Every.Single.One. I don't like flounces and also the dress was busy enough as it was with the pattern (the pattern makes the flounces difficult to see in the in photo, but believe me, they are there!).
- The ties was too low. They rested on my hips, rather than sit at my waist.
- And the dress was too big.
First I cut off all the flounces and the ties. I serged all edges.
I took the dress in at the sides.
I tried the dress on and pinned the ties at my waist height.
And then I hemmed the dress aaall the way around and stitched the ties to the dress.

This will be a wradrobe favourite of mine.

Blogpost: http://saga-i-farver.blogspot.dk/2017/06/flsels-slaom-kjole.htmll


Chickie Walsh said...

So pretty. I love it.

cfortin said...

Such an improvement.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab