Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saving a Shirt with Shoulder Seam Adjustment

 #81 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Last August I self-challenged to: Shop from the closet. 
  • No new / used clothing for this school year, until this August.
  • This year of no shopping has expanded to include Charlie’s closet..
BEFORE: From Charlie's closet.
  • Thrifted nearly new, shirt was too large in shoulders.
  •  Shoulders were too wide and the sleeves came down below his elbows.
  • Narrow shouler adjustments were needed in many of my own Re-fashions.  
  • Remove sleeves.
  • Trim 2 1/2 “ total, 1 1/2“ off on the shoulder and 1” off of the sleeves.
  • Re-insert sleeves. Serge.
NOTE: When I trimmed the shoulders back, the arm cycle was naturally enlarged. The sleeve was adjusted to fit into the larger opening. And ½” seam was taken to adjust the arm cycle opening at the side seam.

AFTER:  Charlies shirt that fits.
  • Much appreciated in this no shopping year.

Edge of board marks
change in shoulder seam

AFTER: Edge of board marks shoulder
seam spot before adjustment
Removed 1 1/2"' inch shoulder
1" from sleeve cap
Paper marks before width of shouler
BEFORE: Too wide shoulder
Too long sleeve


Chickie Walsh said...

You are very nice to refashion for your hubby. It looks greato too.
Hickok EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Chickie EOD
Autocorrect got a little crazy.

RanchHouse said...

Thanks Chickie,
Re-fashioning in his closet is helping to stay focused on Re-fashions and to keep me out of the stores.