Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Long and Short of It

Hello Refashion Co-op. I shortened these 2 long dresses and wore them together. I love the idea of a long maxi-dress but I have never found one that fit my short height. You can see the white dress below is a puddle of fabric on the floor. The denim dress was just a little bland and needed some help too.

#1. I shortened the straps so the dress wasn't so low cut. 

#2. I shortened the dress so it didn't hang all over the floor.
(It looks slanted in the photo, it is straight in real life.)

#3. I cut the top of the denim dress off and wore it as a vest.

Here is the finished outfit. It was great on a hot day.

Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.