Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Long Beach Bag

Hello Refashion Co-op. It is summer and time to go to the beach,the pool, the lake... As a mom that means tons of towels, toys, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, goggles, and more.

 I had a great big bag that was perfect for the beach but the long handles made it hang down to my knees. It was awkward to carry but the bag itself was perfect for all my beach stuff. (Really, it's all my kids stuff.) I decided to shorten the straps.

They were simple woven straps, so I cut them off and reattached them to the bag. I kept the look of the loose frayed ends, I just made them half as long. It made the bag easier to handle and carry.

I also needed some exercise clothes for summer, I realized I had cropped sweatpants that I didn't like in the winter because it was to cold to have bare shins. They were too hot for summer too. 
I cut them off into shorts. There is no fraying so I was ready to go for a run.

Just kidding, I don't run.

**Fake running.**

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