Saturday, July 01, 2017

Bleach Shirt Fail

Hello there readers! Long time no post! I feel like it has been a year since my last post. I apologize for leaving you all in suspense.
This refash started as a dud. I originally wanted this to be a bleach stencil shirt.
Plain pink tank! You know I can't resist pink!

I printed a design on some freezer paper. I cut out the design.
I ironed the stencil onto my tank (with low heat).
Then I got out my bleach pen and went to work filling in the design. I also filled up a spray bottle with 50:50 bleach and water and gave it a few spritzes.
I looked up some other tutorials on bleach stenciling and found that most people let thr bleach sit for around 30minutes. I did just that and it didn't seem to be I waited. And waited. And waited some more. After the 2 hour mark I decided it must be done and I just didn't realize it. I rinsed off the bleach and was left with....nothing. Na da. Not a thing.

Yep, nothing. So being very discouraged I dried the shirt and tried just spraying the shirt with 100% bleach and ended up with the same result...just a unharmed, unbleached pink tank top.
Oookay, soo plan C was put into action.
Like a not very smart person I didn't save my original stencil I made on the computer. So, plan C called for a slightly revised version of my first stencil. Printed that onto some freezer paper, cut it out and ironed the new stencil onto the tank top.
I used some Pewter fabric paint to paint on my design.

After the paint dried....
I cut 3 triangles of fabric that I had. (I think the patterns fit with the theme of the shirt) I wanted to make triangular cut outs on the back of the tank top. To do this I cut triangles of heat n bond (notice: I cut out the middle of each triangle)
I applied the heat n bond to the right side of the fabric this time, because I wanted it to be the visible part of the cut out.
I ironed on the heat n bond triangles onto the back side of the tank top. Then I cut the fabric out that was covering the fabric triangles.

My last  step was to sew along the edges of the triangle cut outs, to make it look complete.

I mean really? Is there such things as bleach resistant material? I can say that after an unfortunate cleaning accident a pair of my work scrubs are not bleach resistant...why couldn't it work on this silly tank top?

Anyway...Happy Refashioning!!!

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Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks for sharing your story of how it didn't work. That is one strong tank top. You did a great job in the end.
Chickie EOD

vintagevogue said...

That's pretty funny about the bleach. It reminds of when I graduated from high school, some fellow classmates tried to burn the uniform skirt by dipping it in a gas tank of a car and then lighting it, but it would not burn.