Wednesday, July 19, 2017

British Heart Foundation - The Big Stitch

Hello, HoffiCoffi here.

A UK wide charity called The British Heart Foundation has launched a competition called The Big Stitch.  The idea is that you go into one of their charity shops during the month of July and purchase an item that you then refashion and post on social media.  Well, I had to give that a try!

I didn't really know what I was looking for when I went in to look but I came out with two towels... not something I have thought about using before!  They did just call out to me though with their co-ordinating orange tones and large sixties floral design.  

I knew exactly what pattern I was going to use as soon as I saw them.  These towels needed to be made into a sixties beachset.

The pattern is Woman W.29 published in 1967.  

The pattern pieces only just fitted onto the orange towel and I decided to put a central seam in the top, so that the white towel could be cut in such a way that the orange stripe would not be cut up by the bust dart.  

This requirement to be on social media has meant that I have finally got myself an instagram account.  I've been dragged into the twenty first century by a twentieth century pattern. :)


kitblu said...

Your imagination is wonderful and so are your creations. Have you worn it?

Eimear Greaney said...

brilliant, what great colours

HoffiCoffi said...

Thanks kitblu. Unfortunately I couldn't make the pattern pieces bigger on this one as they wouldn't have fit onto the towel so its too small for me! I'm going to try and persude my daughter that the sixties were cool. :)

HoffiCoffi said...

Thank you Eimear. I was so lucky - they were sat side by side each other on the rail and just looked so lovely together it was fate!

karen vallerius said...

I love this, great use of colours and styles, groovy!

Chickie Walsh said...

My apologies for missing this last week. What a cute project. I love that you used a towel, adorable and retro. Nice job on this one.
Chickie EOD