Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tweaked Trenchcoat

I was absolutely thrilled when an acquaintance gave me this coat. I have wanted this exact style for so long, but haven't been able to find one in thriftstores.
Not it might not look like something to be thrilled about, but it just needed a few minor alterations: Minus 5 cm (2") in coat length and minus 4 cm in sleeves length.

First I removed the sleeve cuffs. Well, first I scoured the entire city to find the exact and very elusive just right nuance of greige thread. But then I got to it.
The sleeves had pleats by the cuffs. In order to preserve them in the easiest way possible, I pinned them down  and stitched across the pleats, and now I could cut the excess fabric and the pleats remained (more photos on my blog: Trenchcoat ).

I attached the cuffs again.Then I shortened the length of the coat, including the lining. I tried to make the seams look like the original ones, and think I succeded fairly well.

Now it fits me just right. A great coat for our everchanging summer weather.
New shoes!
P.S. No, I didn't take it in at the sides. It already fit fine at the torso, but the overwhelming amount of fabric in the original coat obscured that.


Chickie Walsh said...

That looks great. The fit is much better. The sleeves and the length really changed the look. Very nice!
Chickie EOD

Marisa Glied said...

Great work! I really need to do this!