Friday, July 14, 2017

RanchHouse Summer Time Lounge Shorts

#85 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:   During this year of no new clothes, Texas RanchHouse shorts come from stash, not store.

BEFORE: Men’s pants from Refashion stash. I had taken them apart. They were oddly shaped.

STEPS: Original pants needed to be pieced due to deconstruction process.
  • Cut the legs off at shorts length.
  • Use cut-off legs to piece side inserts between the front/back.
  • Use one seams pants pattern to recut shorts.
  • Use stash t-shirt to cut knit waist band.
AFTER:  Casual RanchHouse Shorts.

  • Loose fit, to wear at home. Gardening, walking to the mail-box on the dirt road in Texas heat!!!
AFTER: Casual RanchHouse shorts.
I hear the song "Summer in the City"
It is summer at RanchHouse and it is hot!!
Top stitched seams

T-shirt knit elastic waistband. 
Original pants 
for new shorts.

One-seam pants pattern

BEFORE: Mens pants from
Refashion stash.
Already deconstructed.


Maria said...

The seams from piecing fabric together actually adds interest to pattern and makes the shorts look kinda fancy! Love it.

RanchHouse said...

Maria Thanks - I was very surprised that they turned up in the center of the leg. Just luckY!

Chickie Walsh said...

These look great! Nice idea to make shorts from the pants for summer.

Heidi said...

Excellent! Where I live shorts are de riguer come summer and even beyond.

Chickie Walsh said...

Chickie EOD